The philosophy of the menu at Bistro Bordeaux is an expression of our French culinary heritage, for which we have a profound admiration. The support of our local farmers allows us to use the freshest produce and seafood, just as one would find in the markets in the south of France. The menu showcases the freshness of these pure ingredients through simple, flavorful combinations.

With daylight at its longest and the heat peaking in the late afternoon, the summer conjures a desire for the ripening tomatoes on the vine with their herbaceous aroma and the cooling effect of a bright citrus glass of Sancerre. The delicateness of the lapping shorline intimates the refreshment of chilled oysters and the light minerality of river trout paired with fresh shaved fennel

It is, in our opinion, this style of cuisine that offers the clearest definition of traditionally rooted French fare.

The team at Bistro Bordeaux


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